Discover a new, fun and challenging workout routine with Tabata Trainer for iPhone / iPod touch.

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Tabata Trainer for iOS.

Tabata Trainer is an easy to use interval training app based on the tabata method. The app is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a new, fast, challenging and effective workout routine.

The tabata method.

The standard tabata method consists of eight cycles where you perform 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. You can pick any exercise you like (push-ups/squats/lunges). After four minutes you are done.

Easy to use interface.

A streamlined and easy to use interface lets you quickly start a workout in only one click.

Preloaded routines.

Vary your workouts in both length and difficulty with one of the nine preloaded workout routines.

Custom routines.

Create customized workout routines by adding, removing and re-arranging the exercises you want.

Workout cues.

Get informed by sounds, voice feedback and visual cues when it is time to exercise and when it's time to rest.

Automatic logging.

The automatic logging saves all your workouts so you can see what you did last time.

Facebook sharing.

Share your workout achievements with your friends on Facebook with a simple click of a button.